Determination of related matters of your company

【 Branch Office 】

 @ Location of branch office
 A Representative in Japan
   ・ At least one must have an address in Japan.
   ・ Nationality is not asked.
 B Date of establishment of a branch office
 C Real estate for branch office
   When you know which, please inform us.

With above, please inform us following matters about the head office.

  1  Corporate name (It must be expressed in Japanese characters or letters of the
  2  Location of head office
  3  Governing law
  4  Objectives (Even if there are no prescribed objectives in own country,  please
    inform us specific business objectives of head office.)
  5  Capital
  6  Total number of issued shares
  7  Total number of authorized shares  
  8  Duration of company (Only when it is prescribed.)
  9  Name of director
  10  Name and address of representative director
  11  Name of auditor
  12  Method of public notice (Only when it is prescribed.)

【 Company in Japan 】

 @ Corporate name
 A Location of head office
 B Objectives (Please inform us specific business objectives those are likely to be
    engaged at present or in the future.)
 C Name of director
   ・ at least one
   ・ nationality is not asked
 D Names and addresses of representative directors
   ・ A representative director must be elected from directors of the company.
   ・ Each director can take a role as a representative director.
   ・ Nationality is not asked.
   ・ At least one must have address in Japan
 E Name of auditor ( It is dispensable for a company to have a auditor. )
 F Share capital
    (a) issue price per one share×(b) number of issued shares = (c) share capital
 G Total number of authorized shares
    A company is limited to four times the outstanding when stipulating the maximum
    number of shares of authorized capital provided for in its articles of incorporation.
    However,  for most companies prescribe that the acquisition by the transfer of
    shares needs the approval of the company in its articles of incorporation, there
    shall not be such limitation.
 H Financial period ( the last day of the financial year)
 I Name, address and amount of contribution of promoter
 J Director’s term of office ( 2〜10 years )
 K Auditor’s term of office ( 4〜10 years )