Q1  What are the things that made public when you register the

  @ Corporate name
    A Location of the head office
    B Corporate objective
    C Method of public notice
    D Total number of shares
    E Class and number of issued shares
    F Restriction of the transfer of shares
    G Amount of capital
    H Director’s name and the date of the assumption of office
    I Representative director’s name, address, and the date of the assumption of
    J Auditor’s name and the date of the assumption of office
    K The date of a company’s establishment

   【 Branch office 】
   @〜K +
    L Governing law of the company establishment
    M Japanese representative’s name, address, and the date of the assumption of
    N Location of the branch office and the date of setting, and est.

     Please note that the addresses and the full names of representative and
      the Japanese representative are maid public.

Q2  What are “TEIKAN” and “DENSHI-TEIKAN”?
      The articles of incorporation and the electronic
      articles of incorporation

A.  “TEIKAN”, the articles of incorporation, determined the basic rules of the
    companies such as an organization or the administration method of the company.
    Under the Japanese company law, decision about the company and an administration
    are left to the company. Therefore, the company can make the structure which
    the actual condition of the company had. All the company must make its “TEIKAN”
    and have it certified at the notary office.

Next five items are required matters of the articles of incorporation.
@ Corporate objective
A Corporate name
B Location of the head office
C The amount or the minimum amount of subscribed assets to be issued upon the
   incorporation of the company
D Names and addresses of the promoters

In addition, there are several voluntary provisions. Voluntary provisions are provisions
that will have effect against the corporation only when those are included in the articles
of incorporation.
In the conventional way to have its “TEIKAN” certified at the notary public office,
“TEIKAN” had to be written down. But nowadays, it becomes possible to use not only the paper documents but also the electronic documents. This is called “DENSHI-TEIKAN”.
Because the stamp tax is imposed on the paper documents but not on the electronic
documents, using this “DENSHI-TEIKAN”, 40,000yen of stamp charge become needless
so that you can save the expense.

Indeed, each person can make “DENSHI-TEIKAN” by himself or herself. But in that case, we’re afraid that it costs around 100,000yen for the purchase of special softwares.
The certification of “DENSHI-TEIKAN” is applied for online. However, still you need to
talk with the notary public office to confirm its contents, and regardless of its means
of application, on the day of the certification, you need to go to the notary public office.

But with us, because we are well prepared to make “DENSHI-TEIKAN”, we save 40,000yen of the stamp charge for you without any special expense or any complicated procedure.

Q3 What is a role of a promoter?
A.  A promoter is a person pushing forward a procedure of the company establishment,
   while it is a founder becoming a shareholder at the time of the company
   It is not necessary for a promoter to become a director. Therefore even the
    person who does investment but not participate in management can become a
    promoter. Information about a promoter is not made public in what do not have to
    register it.
    However promoter’s name and address are mentioned in the articles of

Q4 Who can become a promoter?
A.   Anyone can become a promoter. To be a promoter, neither Japanese nationality nor
   being an individual is needed. A foreigner or a foreign company may also become a
   promoter. A promoter signs and seals the articles of incorporation and must submit a
   seal certificate and a signature certificate.

Q5 How should you decide the corporate name?
A. 【 Company in Japan 】
   The corporate name is decided freely unless it is not with a same name in a same
   address as other companies. It must be expressed in Japanese characters (hiragana,
   katakana, and kanji) or letters of the alphabet and Arabic numerals. Where as it may
   be sued that you do the business by using corporate name of the prominent firm

  【 Branch office 】
    The corporate name of your own country can be used. In the corporate name to
    register, notation of either A or B is taken.
    A: Notation by the katakana reading of the corporate name of your own country
    B: Alphabet notation totally same as the corporate name of your own country

Q6  Where should you set up the head office?
A.   The location of the head office has to be in the address where you can receive the mails
   to the company after the company establishment. For example, you can register the
   address of the representative director as the location of the head office.

   If representative director acquires an investor’s or business manager’s visa, please
   note that you had better separate the address of the company from his home

Q7 How many people are necessary to establish a company?
A.   Only with you alone, you can establish a company.
   In that case, you must play a role as a promoter, a shareholder, and a director.
   Under the Japanese company law, a foreigner can become a director, but must own
   address in Japan. Therefore, when you establish a company alone, it is necessary
   for you to do the alien registration in Japan. At the time of the alien registration,
   you register the seal of you individual, and please acquire two seal certificates.
   In the case of the branch office setting, there should be one representative owing
   the address in Japan regardless of nationality.

Q8  About a status of residence, what is the point to consider?
A.  In the following cases, it is necessary to consider about a status of residence.
  @ When a foreigner already living in Japan takes office.
     There is a case that the change of the status of residence is required.
  A When a foreigner visiting Japan from the foreign country takes office.
     The status of residence has to be determined.

Q9  Isn’t it necessary to publish a share certificate?
A. Under the Japanese company law, the share certificate is not published as a general
   rule. In that case, by the procedures for registration of transfer of shares, you’ll be
   able to claim a right as shareholder. We do make a shareholders’ register.
   For the branch office, registration of detailed data of capital of the head office is

Q10 What is the registered company seal?
A.  It is a seal to use when the representative of the company performs a juristic act to
   seal the documents such as an application, a report book, a contract by the name of
   the company.
   When you register your company or a branch office, you must register a seal
   specifying a person of use authority at the Legal Affairs Bureau “homu-kyoku”.
   When the registration is finished, you can take the publication of document
   proving a registered company seal.

   The company’s seal, you can order in a stamp shop nearby or on the internet.
   If you need any assistance, please feel free to ask us.

Q11 When can you begin business activity as a company?
A. It is on the company establishment day or on the branch office establishment day
   namely registration application day that you can begin business activity as
   a company.

   Normally, a certificate of registered matter of the corporation is required
   when you open a bank account, make various reports to the administrative office,
   purchase assets needing name registration, and conclude an important contract
   with the client.
   When the registration is finished, you can acquire this certificate of registered
   matter of corporation. The registration will complete in around 1 week after

   We, Mizukami Office let you complete the registration with smooth procedure in
   around 3 weeks.