Unpaid wages

Unredeemed bills, Unpaid wages

When you are in trouble in collecting bills, or unpaid wages of a max amount of

 \1,400,000, leave the matter to us, MIZUKAMI OFFICE.

Our two attorneys who are licensed to be preventative at the summary court

 “kan-i-saibansho” will immediately enter negotiations for you.

Our price will be about the half of that of at law firm.  If you ask, for example, to collect \500,000 bill at law firm, you need to pay \200,000 as a retaining fee and another

 \200,000 (40%) as contingent fee.

We, MIZUKAMI OFFICE require no retaining fee, but only actual expenses in advance. Our contingent fee percentage will be 20%〜40%.

                      \1,000,000〜\1,400,000  20%
                        \500,000〜 \990,000  30%
                         \10,000〜 \490,000  40%