Required Notification

Required Notification

 Name of the Document


 National Tax Office

Notification of Incorporation of  a CompanyWithin 2 months from the registration
Notification of a Foreign CompanyWithin 2 months from the registration
Application for Blue Form ReturnEarlier of 3 months or first business year end
Notification of Establishment of an Office Paying Sararies for Withholding Tax PurposesWithin 1month from the registration
Application for Depreciation Method of Depreciable Fixed Assets By due date of tax return decraration
Application for Valuation Method of Inventory

Same as above

Application for Calculatin Method of Book Value per Unit of Securities  

Same as above 

Application for Translation Method of Monetary Assets and Liabilities Denominated in Foreign Currency  

Same as above

Prefectual Tax Office 

Notification of Incorporation of a Company Within 1 month from the registration 

Municipal Office  

Notification of Incorporation and Change of a Company 

Same as above 

Tokyo Municipal Taxation Office 

Notification of Incorporation of a Company (Only when the head office of the company is located in the words of Tokyo)  Within 15days from the startup 

Social Insuarance Office 

Social Insurance and Employee Pension Documents  Within 5days from the startup 

Labor Standard Inspection Office

Notification of the Establishment of a Labor Insurance Relationship Within 5days from the worker's engagement 

Public Employment

 Security Office

Notification of Creation of Business Establishment coverd by Employment Insurance
Notification of acquisition of insured status under employment insurance
Within 10days from the worler's engagement

 The application forms for the tac office can be downloaded from its HP.
Necessary documents vary with the forms, types, and methods of the accounts

proccessing of the company and where you apply. 
You may ask any question to the person incharge at a government office,
and also to a licensed tax accountant, and a social insurance consultant.