Type of organization

When you will start business in Japan, you are required to set up a legally approved organization.
The organization may choose from following two forms.
  @ establishment of branch office
  A establishment of Japanese company
When you make your decision, please refer to the list.


Branch Office 

 Japanese Company




The corporate name of your own country can be used.

A corporate name should include the words"kabushikikaisha"



・Subordinate the  status of the main office.
・All the credit duties to occur in
 the office belong to the  main office. 
・Effect of the suit also extends the main office.

Independent corporate status.


 Requires no capital

Requires a remittance of the capital from the own country. 
・No minimum capitalization
One yen capital company may exist.




Needs anyone who owns the address in Japan.
・His/her nationality is not asked. 

    Title: A representative in Japan
Same as on the left
  Title: A director


・The accounts are performed by adding up with the main office. 
・The offset of profit and the money of deficit can be performed between
  the main office and a branch.
Independent accounts





Determine the necessary matters
Collect required documents

Prepare an affidavit and other required  documents 

Authorization of the affidavit at consulate

Seal documents

Notification based on Foreign Exchangeand Foreign Trade Law

Start the activity of the branch office

  Determine the necessary matters
Collect required documents

Prepare all required documents

Seal documents

Authentication of the electronic articles of  incorporation

Remittance of the capital


Notification based on Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade law

Start the activity of the company


 Registration license tax   \90,000 Affidavit authorization fee at consul 
 (ex. at US consul  $30.)
Registration license tax     \150,000
Articles authorization         \ 52,000