Required items before beginning a procedure

【 Branch Office 】

Following 4 items are required for your branch office registration.

@ Certificate of the seal of the representative in Japan
A “Jitsu-in” seal of the representative in Japan
B Registered representative seal of the branch  〈company seal
C Documents evidencing the situation of the applicant’s head office
   (For example)
   ・ Documents evidencing the existence of the applicant’s head office.
   ・ Documents certifying the incumbency of the representative in Japan.
   ・ Articles of incorporation or such documents those are sufficient to show the
     business objectives of the applicant.
  These documents are effective with the copy.

【 Company in Japan 】 

Following items are required for your company registration.

@ Certificates of registered seal of all the members of the promoter and the director.
    A certificate of registered seal is a public document proving an individual by an
    imprint of registered seal.  It is widely used in Japan for legal act. The registration
    and the publication of the certificate are done at the local municipal office.  The
    certificate must be the one within three months from it is published.
    ・When a promoter and a director are the same,  2 pieces of certificates are
    ・When a company sets up the board of directors, a certificate of registered seal
     only for representative director is necessary.

   (a) Certificate of signature
       In the case of a foreigner living abroad who will be a promoter or a director,
       his signature may be substituted for a seal, but when he applies for the
       registration of a corporation, a certificate of authorized signature that is
       issued by the competent authorities of his home country must be attached.
   (b) Certificate of signature of the representative
       In case a foreign company will be a promoter, the certificate of signature of
       the representative will be required.
   * In case you have no registered seal, you will be required to sign all the
      documents for registration.

A “Jitu-in” seals of the promoter and the director
   A seal that is registered to the local municipal office is called “jitus-in”. This will be
    required to seal registration sheet.

B Registered representative seal of the company <Company Seal

* You can order your seals in a stamp shop nearby or on the internet. If you need any
   assistance, please feel free to ask us.